SOA, or Service Oriented Architecture, is a style of software design where services are provided to the other components by application components through a communication protocol over a network. SOA also describes a set of principals and guidelines for creating and using these services. The main goals of SOA are loose coupling, re-usability, independent evolvability, composability and the abstraction of underlying implementation details.

Oracle SOA transforms complex application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity by mediating, routing, and managing interactions between services and applications in the enterprise. SOA allows integration of widely disparate applications on multiple implementation platforms.

The Service Oriented Architecture paradigm has been around for many years, but recent advances in technology have led to a renewed interest in SOA and its ability to create scalable, extensible and adaptable software architectures. While SOA still has its detractors, there is no doubt that it has proven itself as a powerful tool for creating complex applications. As the world of enterprise software continues to evolve, it is likely that SOA will play an increasingly important role. As such, it is essential for architects and developers to remain abreast of the latest SOA developments.

What is Oracle Service Oriented Architecture components ?

Tenthline helps enterprise clients architect their business applications and processes using SOA to maximize performance.

Oracle SOA components include:

  • Weblogic
  • Oracle Mediator
  • Oracle BPEL Process
  • Human Task
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle User Messaging Service
  • Deploy and manage SOA composite applications
  • Embed custom logic using Java and the Spring component
  • Expose SOAP/XML REST/JSON through Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Business Rules to encapsulate logic and automate decisions
  • Oracle JDeveloper is used as the primary development tool to build applications for deployment into the SOA Suite.

We offer:

    • SOA implementation planning services
    • SOA diagnostic services
    • BPM enabled by SOA services
    • SOA design, development and integration services for Alfresco, SalesForce.
Oracle SOA Alfresco integration

What is the difference between SOA and microservices?

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a software development methodology that promotes the use of reusable components called services. Services are self-contained, modular units that can be independently deployed and operated. SOA is often compared to a microservices architecture, but there are some key differences. Microservices are also self-contained, modular units, but they are typically much smaller in scope than SOA services. In addition, microservices are designed to be loosely coupled, meaning they can be deployed and operated independently of each other. This makes microservices more agile and scalable than SOA. Finally, microservices typically communicate with each other using simple, well-defined APIs, while SOA services can use a variety of communication protocols.


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