Document Capture, OCR & Forms Processing Software

Document Capture refers to uploading documents in a digital format or by scanning paper documents to an electronic document repository where relevant data can be extracted. For instance, invoices can be scanned, uploaded and data such as client number, company name, date, etc. can be extracted by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system and added as metadata.

Eliminate the risk of human error during data entry with automation. For example, Recostar OCR is a document capture and OCR solution that enables you to quickly and accurately capture data from paper documents. The Recostar OCR engine uses a variety of advanced image processing techniques to accurately identify text, even in poor quality or scanned images. This allows you to easily convert paper documents into digital format for further processing or storage.

Tenthline Inc. provides advanced document capture and optical character recognition (OCR) services for businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide range of embedded capture solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Visit our website today to learn

Document Capture, OCR & Forms Processing Software

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or text recognition uses intelligent algorithms to convert scanned document images into editable text. This operation can be performed on specific areas of a form or an entire document.

OCR process integration to Alfresco

For most document management solutions this usually involves separate systems with a number of steps. Tenthline’s solutions reduce costs and manpower by deploying integrated cost-effective systems. We offer a variety of OCR engines to ensure you always get the best service no matter what software you use.

  • Ephesoft’s RecoStar is a powerful embedded OCR engine that can handle any type of forms processing at extremely high volumes.
  • Google Document AI is a cost-effective tool that uses Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify document categories and/or automatically extract key/value pairs.
  • Azure Form Recognizer natively integrates with Azure-based solutions to automate information extraction from text, tables, and more using machine learning.
Document Capture using Ephesoft or Tesseract

OCR Features

  • Outstanding performance with hand block letters and machine character sets
  • Wide range of search and control options
  • High speed and recognition accuracy
  • Integration with all major data capture systems
  • Machine print and handwriting recognition for all major languages
  • Sophisticated image pre-processing and form processing
  • High volume, high throughput scalability
  • Automatically add metadata for easy classification
  • Low cost per image and per page

How to choose the right document capture solution?

As businesses increasingly move towards digital operations, the need for reliable document capture solutions has never been greater. The right solution will depend on the specific needs of the business.

Embedded capture refers to the ability to integrate the document capture solution into existing applications. This can be a major advantage for businesses that want to streamline their operations and reduce processing time. Document capture and OCR can also be an important consideration, as it allows businesses to convert paper documents into digital format and extract text from images.

Ephesoft is one of the leading document capture OCR solutions on the market, and offers a range of features that can benefit businesses of all sizes. Ultimately, the right document capture solution will depend on the specific needs of the business. Businesses can improve their operations and better serve their customers by taking the time to assess their needs.

 In addition, the Recostar OCR engine can be customized to recognize specific document types or fields, making it an ideal solution for data capture applications.


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